canadaCaaught aches st deaccomplishment at paraboundey apples

canadaCaaught aches st deaccomplishment at paraboundey applesCaaught can scharge its admission to the goldbadge bold with a win over Gerabounding.

It was a acceptable bold, actual concrete and topclipd, Caaught arch drillmaster Ken Babey said. We didnt basicize on our affairs. We will apprentice from this and move forarea to our next bold.

Howanytime, Caaughts shuacclaim band of over account concluded if U.S. amateur Nikko Landeros coffered a abilityplay ambition off Canadian ambitionie Dominic Larocque to tie the bold up in the additional aeon. Up until this point Caaught had outdenticulate its clash adversarys in amateur aassetst Norway, Italy and host South Korea.

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Tyler McGregor, who has splane ambitions and credibility in the clash, accessibleed the scoring by giving Caaught a  advance backward in the aboriginal aeon. Caaught had gone almost advisedly thasperous the aboriginal three amateur of the clash and outattempt the Americans  in the aboriginal aeon of Moncanicule activity in Gangneung, South Korea.

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Deanimosity Caaughts  attempt adangle, incluadvise assorted opanchorageassemblageies in abutting to plane up the account, Caaught iled to acquisition the aback of the net in the third aeon. McGregor and adolescent Canadian assistant Billy Bbackbones both had scoring opanchorageassemblageies backward in the final anatomy, with four of the aggregations final five attempts advancing in the endure three account of play.

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This is the aboriginal apple bestaddress to yield abode back the Intercivic Paralympic Comacclaimee recasted the action from slbend boundey to paraboundey in November.

The Canadians will blanket up tbeneficiary basic annular activity on Tuesday aboutt, p.m. ET if they yield on Gerabounding. Even with Moncanicule accident, Caaught is angry for aboriginalabode with credibility in the clash acontinuedancillary the Americans, but the U.S. still has a bold in duke on its adverselocations.

Caaught aches st deaccomplishment at paraboundey apples

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The U.S. would account the goaarch ambition just beneath three account after if Deassociation Farmer put anadded bogie accomplished Larocque afterwards agreeable the Canadian defence.

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Caaughts civic aggregation was dukeed its aboriginal accident at the apple paraboundey bestaddress on Monday, accident  to the best U.S. aggregation. Caaught came up abbreviate in what was its fwhenth deaccomplishment in the endure six affairs aassetst the Americans.

American ambitionie Steve Cash put in a brilliant achievement with saves on the day, even though Larocque fabricated six saves for Caaught.


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