Hi Today I recieved my boots a they are amazing! It was a little bit sad I had to pay a ticket cause I didnt told them I had shipped these boots. But in te end I truly want to thank you for your help and helping me through te cold winter^^ Have a very good day! Bernadette Netherlands

I would just like to say that your boots are supercalerfratulistixpialidosious,May ,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I got my boots today. love it so much, and it fits really well^^

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I would just like to say that your boots are supercalerfratulistixpialidosious, I think they are so unique,ive had other ugg boots in the past but yours are the best by r. P.S.I keep getting people asking me who you are because of the back of the boot and i have gave them your web site address.

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