Best iPhone X c Ugg Canada ases

Best iPhone X c Ugg Canada asesSee more pricing and info for Speck iPhone X cases.

Specks popularGrip seriescases come to the iPhone X in a variety of s. Im partial to the dark blue.

The Handl case has a built in retracle handle that allows you to hold onto your phone without fear of dropping it. The handle also converts into a kickstand to prop up your phone for FaceTime and Skype calls. The only downside it starts at or AU converted, which is a little pricey. There are several versions of the case to choose from.

Its also worth noting that its a pretty slim case that offers decent protection and it has some reflective specks to help you locate your phone in the dark. Additionally, theres slot to attach a lanyard included.

Gears new Battersea is a nicely ured grippy slim case thats also protective, thanks to an inner lining of DO impact protection material. The case is orAU converted and comes in black with orange or blue trim.

See more pricing and info for OtterBox Strada Series for iPhone X or AU converted.

This is RokformsRugged Case, which also starts at or AU converted and is available in multiple options. Like the Crystal, it includes a magnetic car mount and magnetic lanyard accessories.

Element CasesRoll Cageis an interesting tough case because it has an outer shell that you can flip around to the front to protect your screen when needed. Its not hard to make the flip, but its also not as easy as it should be.

The QCard wallet case has been around for a while and now it comes in an iPhone X version in multiple options. It formerly cost , but its come down in price and is now or AU converted. Its also worth mentioning that the case is set up to use a credit card as a kickstand for watching videos.

See more info and pricing for Casemates iPhone X cases.

Incipio makes a bunch of iPhone X cases. I like theReprieve Sport or AU, a translucent case with a ed bumper and reinforced corners its droptested to feet. It comes in three options.

Mujjo makes a couple of slicklooking slim leather cases for the iPhone X that come in black, gray and tan. TheWallet versionpictured here costswhile the nonwallet version costs. Id like to see Mujjo do a folio case.

See more info and pricing for Bovon X Clear Case.

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See more info and pricing for Under Armour Protect Stash.

Catalyst was once known for its waterproof cases. Now its shifted to slim shockproof cases with a clear back for the iPhone X.

They list for or about AU and ship worldwide for free.

Silk makes several affordable cases for the iPhone X. Available in a few different s, itsGrip Base caseis a plastic case, but it costs or AU converted, is slim and has a ured finish that helps keep your phone from sliding out of your hand.

Gear sOxfordis a slim but protective folio case that comes in black or blue foror. It stores a credit card or two on the inside flap and clamps shut theres no magnetic clasp.

Thin design keeps small feel of the deviceShock absorbing soft inner liner

See more pricing and info for Speck Presidio Ultra.

Were judgments on these cases based on the experiences weve had with their predecessors designed for earlier iPhone , S and models and their Plus equivalents, in addition to our experience with the X.

See more info and pricing for Urban Armor Gear cases.

See more info and pricing for Under Armour Protect Arsenal.

Argentinabased Vaja makes some sweet handmade leather and vegan leather cases, although theyre pretty pricey.

Revested is an Italian company that uses materials for bespoke Italian suits to make seriously chic iPhone X cases. This isHoundstooth, but many other varieties are available, including Pinstripe, Herringbone, Birds Eye and Prince of Wales.

XDorias Defense Lux, a irly sleeklooking case that offers decent protection and comes in a few versions with different ured backs and trim s for approximately or AU.

Casetifys X line of iPhone X cases starts at and goes up to around . Theyre relatively slim, sleeklooking cases that seem to offer a decent though not exceptional amount of protection. TheEssential Wovencase is probably the most eyecatching because of the design of the integrated card holder on the back.

All the new Under Armour cases are compatible with the UA Connect system of mounts, which includes a magnetic gym mount, media mount, bike mount and armband mount.

Rokform makes cases with an integrated dual mounting system, with both the RokSafe magnet and RokLock thats compatible with Rokforms line of mount accessories for bikes, motorcycles, cars and more. ItsCrystal Casehas a slimmer design than itsRugged Caseand starts at or AU converted. Available in multiple options, it includes a magnetic carmount and magnetic lanyard accessories.

See more info and pricing for CaseMate Tough ID Leather Wallet.

Now the company is shifting gears a bit and focusing instead on slimmer, more attractive cases that offer good drop protection. Case in point its new Slam case that retails fororAUand comes in four different options, all of which feature a translucent back to show off youriPhones rear.

My vorite new Silk case is the or AU convertedPureView case, which is also referred to as the Queen of Diamonds case for its ured finish.

Thanks to decent designs and affordable prices, Korean company Spigen has sold thousands probably millions of phone cases on Amazon. Its Ultra Hybrid is its clear case, selling for around or AU on sale.

Casemates Tough IDcase has two credit card slots that hold a credit card or two, an ID and some money. The back is made out of leather and the case seems to offer decent protection. It costs around .

See more info and pricing for Speck Presidio Sport.

When phones started becoming waterproof,LifeProoflost a little bit of its raison dtre. After all, one of the main selling points of its cases was that they allowed your phone to take a dip.

Incipio has a new set of Under Armourbranded cases for the iPhone X, including a couple of models I like that have design elements that let you store credit cards or money. TheProtect Stashcase left has a slider door on back while theProtect Arsenalcase right has an integrated bungee cord. They cost around and come in multiple options.

Pad Quill, which makes swanky handmade folio wallet cases, has an iPhone X version of its Little Pocket Book case for converts to or AU. The only drawback Its a very large case. The more compactBella Fino, available in three options, is probably the better option for most people.

See more pricing and info for Nodus iPhone X cases.

For you can pick up LifeProofNext Case, which is a bit more protective and has a gasket that seals off the Lightning port. Available in four trim s, the case is dropproof, dirtproof and snowproof. It will be available with four different trim s. The price converts to approximately or AU.

SkechsVortexis a pretty interesting case. It has degree rotating ring holder that converts into a kickstand, as well as a builtin metal plate for the included magnetic airvent car mount. Its available in black and gold for .

See more info and pricing for Element Recon iPhone X case.

If you want the official case, Apples swankyLeather Foliois available in cosmos blue, taupe, black and berry fororAU. With a builtin screen cover, its designed to fully protect the iPhone Xs new OLED .

See more pricing and info for Speck iPhone X cases.

Its available in multiple options, including black and clear.

Twelve Southmakes a couple of leather wallet cases we like. TheBook Book, which turns your iPhone X into a vintage leather book, may be a little too bulky for a lot of people. But were ns of theJournal, which comes in brown Cognac and black. It has four credit card slots on the inside and the case converts into a kickstand for watching videos.

Pelican has a few tough cases for the iPhone X, including theProtectorAmbassadorand supertoughVoyager. They cost , but can be had for less online in certain options. I personally like the slimmer Protector best.

BAM magnetic grip mount your phone to almost any magnetic suce

Another popular slim case from Spigen, the Neo Hybrid comes in a few different options for converted or AU on sale.

I havent tested the Presidio Sport long enough to see how it holds up over time. Nor have I swabbed the case and compared how much bacteria resides on it versus bacteria levels on other cases. But it feels good in your hand and isnt too bulky for a tough case.

Those are real flowers preserved in Casemates Karat Petals case the company says no two flower cases are exactly alike.

See more pricing and info for Apple iPhone X cases.

See more info and pricing for Gear Battersea case.

may get a commission from retail offers.

The case on the right is theWallet Agenda, one of the companys most popular models. The leather is supersoft and the case stores four credit cards, plus it has a slot for folded bills. It costs or AU converted and comes in multiple options some s are temporarily out of stock.

is definitely a phone youll want to protect if you choose to buy one, even. Weve got plenty of iPhone X cases inhouse already and more on the way. So get started on picking the perfect case that will protect your investment and be compatible with wireless charging.

Other Apple case option include its more standardiPhone X Silicone, , AU andiPhone X Leather, , AU cases. They come in a variety of options.

See more pricing and info for Element Case Roll Cage.

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Were showing its newMinimalist Tough case in walnut, which costs about or AU. It comes in other finishes, including maple and leather. Theyre all due to ship in December after the iPhone X ships.

Grovemade makes exquisitehandmade wood casesfor iPhones and iPads in maple and walnut. They arent cheap.

It also features a lining of the companys special DO shockabsorbing material. The case isorAU converted.

The Piccadilly is Gears translucent case and also features a lining of the companys special DO shockabsorbing material.

See more info and pricing for Revested iPhone X cases.

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Its available in a few different options for.

See more pricing and info for Mujjo Leather iPhone X case.

Its available in a few different options and theblack model costs only orAU.

TheEchois Skechs tough, transparent case thats designed to withstand lls up to feet .m. It comes in clear and black for .

LandersMoab case ororAU is interesting because it has a layer of Thermoline on the inside of the case thats supposed to help keep your iPhone X insulated from the cold and heat and improve battery life dont expect it to make a huge difference, however, especially in extreme cold and heat.

See more info and pricing for Casemates iPhone X cases.

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If youre looking for an extra layer protection, Speck now makes itsPresido Ultratough case. Designed to compete with OtterBox Defender cases, its a standard Presidio case that comes with a removable bumper. It also comes with a holster in case you want to strap your phone to your belt. Its available in a few options for .

See more info and pricing for Pelican Protector case.

Urban Armor Gear UAG is bringing its full line of cases to the iPhone X, which start at or AU converted. I personally like the Plasma, which features a translucent design in a few options, and the Metropolis, which is a folio case with a slot for storing credit cards and cash the Trooper also has a card holder. The extratough Monarch Series costs or AU converted, free worldwide shipping.

This Gear Victoria Coral Case looks particularly good on the white iPhone X.

Senas been nice folio leather cases for iPhones for many years and itsBence Wallet Book is one of its signature products. It converts into a kickstand for viewing videos and comes in tan and denim.

TheIncipio DualProis a duallayer case with a softtotouch finish that comes in multiple options for around .

Available in a few different options, it was ostensibly designed for gym rats or people who run with their iPhones. But its basically a tougher version ofApples Silicone caseand has a similar softtothetouch finish thats nice and grippy.  Speck calls it a noslip grip.

See more info and pricing for Gear Victoria Coral.

Speck makes a lot of different variations of itsPresidio Seriescases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, but the newPresidio Sportmay be the best version yet.

See more info and pricing for Incipio DualPro cases.

Specks Presidio Series is percent thinner than its earlier Candyshell Series and percent more shock absorbent, drop tested to feet. It comes in various flavors, including the Grip, Clear, Wallet andShowshown here . The Show is also available in versions that have black, pink and red trims, as well as a totally clear model. The black version is currently on Amazon.

See more pricing and info for Pad Quill cases.

See more info and pricing for Nomad iPhone X cases.

Lifeproofs totally waterproof Fre remains the most protective in the line. Theyre good cases, but they should cost less.

See more info and pricing for Adidas iPhone X cases.

See more info for BodyGuardz Trainr for iPhone X.

The one on the left in blue is simply calledThe Top iPhone X Leather case, roughly orAU converted. Available in multiple options, its a flipdown clamshell model that I like the top cover obviously protects your screen.

This is Vajas least expensive case, theGrip, which comes in several s and ures starting at .

Nomads a variety of cases for the iPhone X, including its twotone clear case that features a partial leather back. Its or AU converted and the genuine Horween leather is supposed to wear in well, darkening up a bit with a nice patina.

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Element brings its relatively slim but tough Recon case to the iPhone X. It comes in several options for .

I liked this one and it comes with a removable lanyard. I just wish the lanyard could be tightened on your wrist. Its a available in a few options for.

This is Nomads Card Case approximately or AU. Were still waiting to confirm whether youll be able to wirelessly charge your iPhone X with this case on since its a little bit thicker than Nomads other cases.

Nodus is some luxurious leather cases for the iPhone X in both folio and nonfolio options. This is theShell Case, which comes in more standard s like black and brown but is pictured in teal. Its or about AU.

Theres also afolio version of the casefor or AU converted, but no international shipping as well as aeather versions bothfolioandnonfolio.

Tech has a handful of cases for the iPhone X, including thePure ClearEvo TacticalandEvo Wallet, which looks like the Tactical but has an integrated cover. The Evo Tactical is drop tested to meters . feet. Prices start at or AU not including shipping.

See more pricing and info for Reprieve Sport for iPhone X.

Spigens Rugged Armor case gives you a little more protection than some of the companys slim cases. Like Spigens other cases its affordable, costing or AU converted. The or AU Tough Armor is even tougher, but its not a particularly attractive case.

If youre looking for a case thats similar toApples own Silicone Casewith the same softtothetouch finish that costs less than half the price, Ankers Karapax Gel Rubbercase is a pretty compelling option.

OtterBoxs signature Defender Series tough cases return for the iPhone X in multiple options I happen to like blue.

Bodyguardz, which is known for its screen protectors, makes a few iPhone X cases that feature the companys TPU lined with the same patented Unequal technology professional athletes use on the field for impact protection the material is apparently used in football helmets. I like the Trainr pictured and theAce Pro. Both feature transparent backs and cost or AU converted. Theyre good cases but Id like to see them be about less expensive.

One of my vorite folio cases the OtterBox Strada is back for the Phone X. Its highly protective and has a card slot on the inside of the cover that allows you to store a single credit card and perhaps a drivers license or some money. Handy, since Apple Pay still isnt universally accepted yet.

See more info and pricing for Gear Piccadilly case.

XDorias Defense Shield is a irly slim, translucent case that comes in a few different options and offers decent protection for around or AU converted.

This is one of SpecksClear Printcases . Other designs are available.

Not everyone is a n of Adidas brand, but if you are an Adidas guy or gal, it does make some nice cases in a variety of finishes and s that reflect some of its iconic shoes. Cases range in price from .

Senas padded stud leather case is called theRuku. It certainly is eyecatching and a little kinky. I enjoyed it. Also comes in cream .

The OtterBox Symmetry Series is the companys most stylish case and is both irly slim and protective its similar to Specks cases, which certainly influenced OtterBoxs design. It comes in a variety of options and starts at , no Australian shipping but roughly converts to AU.

Portlandbased Grovemade produces some beautifully crafted wooden cases. Its wood bumper casesare the most affordable, but naturally Im a n of itsWalnut and Leather Wallet case, which retails for a mere as a new customer you do get percent off. Its one the lighter, more refined looking wallet cases youll find, and also comes in a lighter maple .

Godzilla Italiano Driving Nissans .million Italdesign GTR concept car

See more info and pricing for Catalyst Case for iPhone X.

If youre looking for an inexpensive iPhone X case, the Bovon Clear Case is a good choice we bought one to try it out. Itsonly in the UK on Amazon and is equipped with bumpers on the corners. Weve seen this design from other case manucturers so you might call it a knockoff but its a good knockoff.

See more info and pricing for Nomad iPhone X cases.

The case isorAU converted, and the interior DO material comes in four options. The black is shown in this photo.

Im not sure its all that different from competing cases out there, including ones from LifeProofs parent companyOtterBox. But I like it its welldesigned and at least it costs less than LifeProofs other cases like theNext, which goes for see next slide.

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Scooch bills itsWingman, or roughlyAUconverted as a fiveinone case. Thats because the slapbracelet bendable kickstand not only props your phone up horizontally and vertically but is supposed to allow you to grip your phone more easily, eliminating pinky tigue and serves as an air vent mount in your car. Finally the case is also a case and a pretty protective one.

PuregearsDualTek caseis relatively slim for a tough case and has added corner protection and a softtothetouch finish. Its available in black or white at launch for .

See more info and pricing for Puregear DualTek.

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Typically, Speck cases have featured harder plastic shells some of them glossy so the new finish really is new. So, too, is the addition of Microban antimicrobial technology, which is supposed to inhibit the growth bacteria that causes stains and odors. This is not the first iPhone case to feature such technology, but its a first for Speck.

See more pricing and info for Speck Presidio Grip.

The only downside Its a little expensive atorits coming soon to Australia for aroundAU. However, Apples Silicone case is, so maybe its not such a bad deal when you consider that its more protective and has that extra layer of Microban.

See more info and pricing , or about or AU.

See more info and pricing for Twelve South Journal Wallet case.

For those in search of a case with a bit more bling, Casemates Watell case is a moveable eyefeast of glitter and tiny beads.

See more info and pricing for Casetifys X cases.

Caseology is another company that sells affordable, stylish cases direct on Amazon. It has a few different versions of the same case but with different ured backs. This ones called theApexand comes in a few different s for or AU converted. I also like theParallax.

Editors noteThis gallery is regularly updated with new cases. Latest update April .

See more pricing and info for Grovemade iPhone X cases.

Moshi has always made nice iPhone cases, and its bringing its Overture, StealthCover, iGlaze and new Vesta and Vitros cases to the iPhone X. Prices range from to .

See more info and pricing for for Sena Bence Wallet Book.


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